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in French, Dutch, English, Spanish or Italian. (23x15 cm - 305 pages)

Memories and Hopes is the compelling story of Leon-Joseph Suenens, one of this century's most outstanding Catholic churchmen. He is the last surviving of the four moderators of Vatican II; the Primate of Belgium, Cardinal Danneels, said that "the Holy Father told me explicitly that Cardinal Suenens had played a decisive part in the Council and that the Universal Church owes much to him". During the Council he called for a triple dialogue "with the faithful; with our separated brethren; with the non-Christian world". He advocated the restoration of the permanent diaconate, drew attention to the Church's charismatic dimension and suggested the introduction of a specific age for the retirement of bishops and cardinals.

Memories and Hopes also recounts the Cardinal's personal experiences during the momentous days of the Council and of his deep personal friendship with Pope John XXIII. Ecumenically, Cardinal Suenens broke new ground. He reciprocated visits with Archbishop Ramsey of Canterbury and co-authored two books with him. He addressed the assembled bishops of the American Episcopal Church, and through his involvement with the Charismatic Renewal he built further bridges with the Pentecostal churches.

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in French, Dutch, English or Spanish. (23x15 cm - 330 pages)

The Hidden Hand of God is a sequel to Memories and Hopes, for which Cardinal Suenens was awarded the Grand Prix de la Francophonie by the Académie Française, in tribute to the whole body of his work.

This book deals with the unexpected, the chance events which have profoundly marked the Cardinal's life. In particular, it deals with his close collaboration, over a period of almost fifty years, with a remarkable Irish woman, Veronica O'Brien, who was also very close to Pope Paul VI and to Cardinal Benelli; their trust in her allowed her to play a discreet but decisive role in the events which were to lead ti Rome's acceptance of the Charismatic Renewal. The complementarity of Cardinal Suenens' relationship with Veronica O'Brien sheds light on the current debate on the role of women in the Church, and provides a prophetic message for today.

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in French, Dutch, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Vietnamese, Russian, Czech, Arabic, Swedish, Slovenian, Thai, Greek, Korean, Slovak or Lithuanian. (20x13 cm - 201 pages)

This new book by Cardinal Suenens reveals the authentic and largely unknown face of the deceased King Baudouin.

It represents an important contribution to the King's story, revealing, as it does, the depth of his humanity and of his spiritual life, and the way in which these were inextricably linked.

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in French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, German or Vietnamese. (20x13 cm - 196 pages)

This posthumous publication (1997) is the book which the late Cardinal Suenens had prepared to mark the dawn of the new millennium. He considered it to be his spiritual testament.

The Cardinal is writing for all Christians who wish to grow in the grace of Baptism. The book falls into three sections :
- The Christian, disciple of Jesus Christ
- The Christian, animated by the Holy Spirit
- The Christian, child of the Father

It is a moving testimony of faith, full of practical suggestions to help us live out our own faith in daily life.
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Book I : A New Pentecost ?

in French, Dutch, English or Vietnamese.

The first volume places us firmly at the heart of the mystery of the Church as animated by the Holy Spirit. The Church is at the same time both institutional and charismatic. She must at all times be able to attune herself to new manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and discern their authenticity, while remaining faithful to her age-old mission, as recalled at the Second Vatican Council.

The originality of Cardinal Suenens’ contribution is undoubtedly the fact that he was able to combine a Marian spirituality with this new openness to the workings of the Holy Spirit which characterized the Charismatic Renewal, also justly known as “Renewal in the Spirit”. As a pastor, he always stressed the need for this movement to remain in a vital union with the Church, “guarantor of humanity, humility, equilibrium and wisdom.”

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Book II : Theological and Pastoral Orientations, Ecumenism.

in French, Dutch, English or Vietnamese.

The second volume has two parts. The first gives a more in-depth analysis of the theology of the “Charismatic Renewal” and the second proposes specific pastoral directives for the Renewal and for ecumenism in the Church.

No doubt in the cardinal’s judgment, that the “Charismatic Renewal” has made a significant contribution to the Church, by virtue of its very origins, which were ecumenical and entirely centered on the rediscovery of a common faith in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We find ourselves in a sense at the heart of the life of the Church: communion in the Holy Spirit.

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Book III :
Charismatic Renewal and Social Actio,
Renewal and the Powers of Darkness,
A Controversial Phenomenon : Resting in the Spirit.

in French, Dutch, English or Vietnamese.

The third volume deals, in its first part, with the renewal in the Spirit and the service of others, and rests on the important dialogue between Cardinal Suenens on this topic with Dom Helder Camara, bishop of Recife, Brazil, and an ardent defender of the “voiceless”, burning with a preferential love for the poorest of the poor.

The second and third parts of volume III deal with some more specific phenomena linked to the Charismatic Renewal, such as the struggle against the “Powers of Darkness”, exorcism, the grace of healing, and “resting in the Spirit”. These phenomena are not the sole preserve of any one group and must always be located within the entirety of the life of the Church.

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Inventaire des Papiers conciliaires du cardinal L.-J. Suenens

par L. Declerck et E. Louchez

ISBN 90-429-0704-5 (Peeters Leuven)
ISBN 2-87723-411-8 (Peeters France)
en français

Tout chercheur qui se consacre à l'étude du Concile Vatican II doit constater le rôle très important joué par le cardinal Suenens dans cette assemblée, dont l'archevêque de Malines-Bruxelles apparaît comme un des leaders. On sait que, dans les rouages institutionnels du Concile, il fut membre de la Commussion centrale préparatoire (à partir de mars 1962), puis du Secrétariat pour les affaires "extra ordinem" pendant la première Session; devenu membre de la Commission de coordinationlors de la création de celle-ci (déc. 1962), il fut en outre choisi par Paul VI comme un des quatre Modérateurs (sept. 1963). Dans les débats conciliaires, son influence s'exerça surtout, d'une part à propos de la constitution sur l'Eglise et, d'autre part, de la constitution pastorale sur l'Eglise dans le monde, en particulier dans les questions relatives à la famille et à la natalité. A un troisième niveau - celui de la pocédure -, le rôle du cardinal belge ne fut pas moindre : on le constate d'abord quand, dès mars 1962, il proposa à Jean XXIII un plan pour le Concile, puis quand il eut à suivre, au nom de la Commission de coordination, les schémas-clés sur l'Eglise dans le monde, le premier de ces textes lui devant notamment la place prioritaire accordée au peuple de Dieu et le vote largement majoritaire sur la collégialit épiscopale.

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par D. Donnelly, J. Famerée, M. Lamberigts et K. Schelkens

ISBN 978-90-429-2101-6 (Peeters Leuven)
(24x16 cm - 720 pages)

The timing for a 40th anniversary event (1965-2005) was fitting for at least three reasons. First, supportive relationships existed among its sponsors - The Cardinal Suenens Center at John Carroll University (Cleveland) in the United States, the Center for the Study of Second Vatican Council (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven) and the Centre Lumen Gentium (Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve) in Belgium, and there was a collective wish in these centers to do something to commemorate the anniversary of the Council's close in 1965. Second, while it is indisputably true that much pioneer work had alrady been done on Belgians and Vatican Council II, it was also true that the recent publication of inventories on private conciliar archives offered an opportunity to consult newly available primary sources, so that the contribution of the Belgians might be re-assessed and studied in its full historical complexity. Third, an energetic and intergenerational team of international scholars from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States guaranteed a balanced appraisal concerning the role of the Belgians. It was the convergence of these three factors that led to the colloquium and subsequently to this volume.